• Elisa and Joel’s Wedding

Elisa and Joel’s Wedding

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Heidi and Dallan | Engagement Session in Yarralumla


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Heidi and Dallan’s Guest-book Preview

Beautiful Custom Designed Guestbook

I am excited to introduce you to my custom sign-in guestbook. This Guest Book in particular has been designed for a beautiful couple You can see the passion and love that they share from just looking at the cover. I will be posting both their engagement and wedding photographs in a few weeks, but for […]

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Robin and Melody | Kambah and Cockington Garden

Bridesmaids and Bride Holding Flowers | Yarralumla

I had so much fun photographing Robin and Melody’s wedding. Photographing Robin and Melody’s wedding was a roller-coaster of fun. The wedding took place St. Stephen Anglican Church then in the Cockington Garden in Canberra and ended with a short trip to Dunrossil Drive for some unforgettable photographic memories. And without doubt the place I had the […]

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Preview | Robin and Melody’s Wedding

Canberra Wedding Photographer: Couple Holding hands

Full post will be following shortly.

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Emma and Antony’s Wedding at the Botanic Garden

Shot of props at the Botanic Garden

Antony and Emma are from England and I was agreeably surprised that they’ve contacted me to be their wedding photographer, all the way from England to cover their wedding in Australia. Following their engagement session that I’ve posted previously, here are the photos of their wedding day which took place at the Canberra Botanic Garden.

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Destination Wedding | Lake Crackenback

Lake CrackenBack Wedding

Alannah and Jarrad had been an awesome couple to shoot. Their wedding was set in the beautiful Lake Crackenback Resort located very close to Thredbo and Jindabyne. Their love for snow sports had them coming back there for their wedding although it was not Winter. On the wedding day, the weather was absolutely shocking! On […]

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Emma and Antony’s Wedding

Emma and Antony by Canberra Wedding Photographer Tony Kieu

Whole post coming soon!

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Emma and Anthony | e-session

Couple Kissing by Canberra Wedding Photographer Tony Kieu

Emma and Anthony are having their wedding taken in the Botanic Garden, so as a change we decided to go on Mount Stromlo to do their engagement session. They are one of the cutest couple and we’ve had a lot of fun during this sessions. Anyways no more talking, enjoy!

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Alannah and Jarrad | e-session preview

alannah_jarrad_e-session 072

Alannah and Jarrad are an awesome and easygoing couple. I remember the first time I’ve asked them where they would like their engagement session to be taken, they’ve told me one of the place they’d really like to shoot is on their couch as they spend a lot of time on it. Here a preview […]

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Upcoming Engagements Preview – Canberra

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Jessica and Luke

Jessica and Luke by ACT wedding photographer Tony Kieu

I had the pleasure to spend a wonderful morning with these two fabulous people. The engagement session took place in Dunrossil Drive and another one is set to be shot next months in a secret area! Their wedding is set to take place in Sydney and I wish them the best luck in the world.

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Preview 2 | Jessica and Luke

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Preview of this weekend’s session

ACT Wedding Photography animation By Tony Kieu

This weekend engagement session was a blast, here is a preview. Expect an update coming soon! The animation quality have been greatly reduced but still, give it a min to load

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Geordie and Elizabeth Engagement Session in Canberra

geordie_elizabeth  579

I can’t point out enough how much I enjoyed shooting Geordie and Elizabeth’s engagement Session. Dunrossil Drive is probably the most sought after place for couples in Canberra especially during Autumn and Spring, nevertheless, this place is beautiful all year round and it is not surprising that I returned several time to shoot and I there is […]

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Elisabeth and Geordie Preview

Couple at Dunrossil Drive by ACT wedding photographer Tony Kieu

I had a very relaxing day in Dunrossil Drive with this gorgeous couple. I have been very busy lately and haven’t updated much but I promise to put more photographs in the next few weeks!

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Warm Reception at Sydney’s Wedding Reception

Sydney Wedding Reception by Wedding Photographer Tony Kieu

Quite some time has passed since I’ve shot Adam and Chau’s wedding in Canberra. I was delighted when they asked me to shoot their wedding reception in Sydney. It was not my first time shooting in Sydney, but my first time shooting so close to the Opera House. Thank you again, Adam and Chau for […]

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Engagement Session in Canberra

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Adam and Chau – Part 2 – Canberra Wedding Photography

Location shoot by Canberra Wedding Photographer - Tony Kieu{Continue reading…}

Adam and Chau Wedding – Canberra Wedding Photography

Adam and Chau in Dunrossil Drive By Canberra Wedding Photographer Tony Kieu

Here is a preview of the wedding photography, more to come soon…

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Wedding Sign-in Guestbook

Guestbook

I just started to work on a wedding guestbook design for a Wedding I shot in Canberra a few months ago Once it is finished, I will order a sample guestbook and you will be able to see the album when you meet me in person. For now, enjoy the few slides and I will […]

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Going away for a bit

It’s been a very long time I didn’t see my home country which is located in New Caledonia. This saturday I will be heading over there and I am so excited about it! I won’t be available to work through December but I will be able to be contacted anytime via e-mail. Have a lovely […]

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adam & chau – canberra wedding – Coming Soon

Couple walking down the tree alley

Thank you Adam and Chau to have given me the opportunity to record your beautiful wedding.

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Engagement Dinner in Canberra

Belinda and Daniel Reception Dinner by Canberra Wedding Photographer Tony Kieu

I shot this engagement dinner for this lovely couple a few months ago but I never had the chance to put it on the website.

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Quyet and Lan’s – Wedding Dance

First Dance

Here is a photograph from a Wedding I shot earlier on. This is the Bride and Groom’s first dance. The music was magical and the smoke was out of this world. I hope that I will get to shoot those kind of wedding moments again and again!

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Some other photographs of Madeleine

Madeleine in the wood by Canberra Wedding and Portrait Photographer Tony Kieu

Here as promised some more photographs of Madeleine’s shooting session. It has been a pleasure working with her and I hope we can work together again at another time.

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Canberra Landscape

Commonwealth Bridge by dawn

Canberra is a very cosy city, but it lacks good photography spot. Fortunately there are a few and here is one of them. The Commonwealth Bridge is a beautiful bridge that leads to the Parliament House as shown on the photograph. I hope you enjoy my work!

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Georges and Natalia’s Wedding

Wedding Photography: Pre-Ceremony

When I got the call for the Wedding I was very excited because it was the first time for me shooting a greek orthodox ceremony. I really enjoyed the time I spent with the couple and I look forward to our next photoshoot sometimes in October.

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George and Natalia’s wedding in Queanbeyan orthodox church, more pictures…

Traditional Ring Swapping Ceremony

Some more photographs. These set were taking for the traditional ring swapping ceremony where the “Koumbaro” (the couple’s religious sponsor) swaps the ring between the couples 3 times, symbolizing the Holy Trinity: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It was a very enriching experience and I am happy to learn the beautiful […]

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George and Natalia’s Wedding

George and Natalia's Wedding

Here are a couple of the photographs I did with this lovely couple, more to come soon…

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